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Incendia Media is a next generation online media and publishing company that specializes in building targeted audiences through niche specific social networking sites. We create real communities around authentic brands that emotionally connect with our users.

We create the technology for social networking and develop authoritative, content driven, high traffic web site properties, while building significant brand equity.

We build strong revenues through niche specific advertising and e-commerce marketplaces.

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Great Brands

Every Incendia Media site whether social network or client work is built around a strong brand. Brands are the fires that keep burning in a customer's mind long after they have left the site or gone home for the day.

Social Networks

We offer full video capabilities, RSS feeds, downloadable iPod videos, Miro channels, full Social Networking, Groups, Forums and a whole lot more.

Original Content

No rehashed content here. We employ our own subject matter experts, writers, video producers and photographers to maintain the highest standards of content quality and diversity.
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So is this true? Well it seems to be what the social media experts were saying at the Milken Global Conference last week in Los Angeles, CA. >>More
Posted By: Dave
While researching and fact finding for my upcoming book (titled Quantifying Openness) I came across a startling number of phenomena that were Pareto or Power law distributed (or Zipfian in discrete cases) throughout the Internet and social media circles. >>More
Posted By: Dan
We can certainly point to many Pareto or power law distributed phenomenon in the "natural" world as well as those created by man. >>More
Posted By: Dan
My recent knol examines relevant heuristics and cognitive biases in open systems on the Internet How accurate or objective are product reviews and ratings? How well do public (online) conversations reflect the actual views of the participants? Do cognitive biases, selection biases and heuristics influence public interactions, reviews, ratings, conversations, etc. >>More
Posted By: Dan

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The team here at Incendia Media has donated much of the development and ongoing support for AutismOne.org as our way to help those with autism. >>More

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For the guy who doesn't want to lose his personal style while learning how to climb the career ladder. >>More

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CAMARILLO, CA, March 25, 2008 – Incendia Media launches a new feature-rich Music Community RoryMusic.com for up-and-coming pop artist Rory Uphold. >>More

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CAMARILLO, CA, January 8, 2008 - As web advertising steadily increases advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach a targeted market. >>More

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