Hosting and Technical Support

Incendia is a company you can trust for all your hosting and technical support needs. We proudly offer reliable and secure hosting as well as efficient technical support. Please read more about what we can offer you in hosting support and technical support.

Hosting Support
  • Multi-tier support system
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Reliable colocation managment

Support System

Incendia has a multi-tier support system consisting of our own system administration personnel, contractors, and NetNation & RackForce's full support staff for issues related to colocation management.

We also have a ticket and issue tracking system for non-critical support tasks. Additionally, all of the end user technical support issues for Incendia's network sites are routed through this system. Sales support and minor technical support tasks are delegated via the ticket and incident response system to the associated site managers.

Urgent support issues are mainly dispatched via email, sms and phone. They are usually handled by the lead system administrator for the site as well as the lead developer if there is a code issue.

Our site partners have direct contact information for support staff and have never been without direct support or incident response. All of our hosting colocation providers are also a reliable second line of defense for support issues relating to our sites. They are all engaged regularly to assist Incendia and partners for support planning and requests.


Here at Incendia, we have chosen our webhosting partners carefully. NetNation and RackForce are both equipped to grow with us and meet our changing needs as well as ensure incredible reliability.

Incendia’s collocation data centers are ultra secure and offer fast reliable support. Our servers at NetNation and Rackforce are both on independent networks, eliminating any risk of others affecting our systems. Additionally, both facilities features dedicated backup power generators, energy efficient cooling technology, non-service-affecting fire suppression systems. Security is enhanced with keycard access, biometric authentication, and 24 security patrols and monitoring. RackForce is also considered a “green” datacenter, utilizing zero emission hydro-electric power.

Technical Support

  • Customer service
  • Easy to use ticketing system
  • Organized and effective

Support Ticketing System

Our technical support ticketing system seamless integrates inquiries submitted by e-mail or webforms into a centralized multi-user system for quick response and resolution. This simple and efficient support ticketing system will give users the accountability and responsiveness they deserve from a site.

Within our ticketing system, support agents can reply to messages, post internal notes, or delegate to other agents. New tickets can also be created for support request received outside of the system or taken over the phone.

The Ticket System allows site managers and support agents to take care of users or customers in a time-efficient and organized way. Having a reliable way to address their concerns, allows users to feel confident in using your site, supporting your brand and spreading the word about what you offer.