Incendia Zen

Getting to know a company or group of people can be difficult. But if you want to get to know how Incendia Media people think, check out these rules of Zen every Incendia Media person abides by:

  1. Learn to recognize when meetings become toxic. There is nothing worst than meetings that drag on forever. They can also become counter productive.
  2. If I could start from scratch today, what could I do better?
  3. Don’t cause paralysis through over-analysis. In meetings, analyses are fraught with theories, suppositions and hypothetical situations. You and your coworkers may meet and postulate one hundred reasons why clients aren’t buying your product, and forget to actually go out and ask them. Engage your potential customers, ask them questions. For most things, we believe in empirical analysis.
  4. Amortize code (software). Like hardware, software becomes deprecated and old. Learn to properly amortize code. Identify new paradigms, APIs and techniques used in software development and learn how they can help improve your business and products.
  5. Keep great people in and bozos OUT
  6. Choose the driest tinder to market to (Pyromarketing principle #1). This means finding the people most likely to buy your product. Don't waste time mass marketing to customers that have no interest in your product. Take the time to get to know who your target market is and market directly to them.
  7. Mass, repetitive marketing causes desensitization*.
  8. Empower customers to tell their friends about our products*.
  9. Give potential customers an experience with our product*.
  10. Never lose a customer. Give them away, fire them, find them another provider, but never lose them. Semantics are everything here.
  11. Don’t be a go-between; don’t get in the middle of deals.
  12. Don’t be overly cheery. Seriously, most people can subconsciously or consciously detect fake cheeriness a mile away. It makes you come across as disingenuous.
  13. Be patient
  14. Always give people 100% of your attention in meetings.
  15. Hire by referral. You put a lot of faith in your employees already don’t you? If they know someone they recommend, that should speak volumes to you. If not, then perhaps you need to re-analyze in whom you put your faith to help run your business.
  16. Automate repetitive tasks.
  17. Read: On Reading McLluhan.
  18. Take a nap, you might live longer.
  19. Focus on talking about outputs, not inputs. Employers that listen to employees talking about inputs are more likely to think that employee is wasting time and isn't performing adequately. Instead of talking about what you did, talk about what you accomplished.
  20. Someday, someone might make a movie of your life, make sure it doesn't go straight to video.

*relates to Pyromarketing principles