Project Management

Project ManagerThe most important ingredient of efficient web development is having a well thought out project management system and workflow management. The project management system is the hub of every project at Incendia Media. From small 10 page sites, to massive media driven web properties and social networks, our project management system has handled it all.

Clients and partners are able to interact with Incendia's staff in a central location. The project manager allows clients to set milestones, create messages, upload files, collaborate on tasks and a whole lot more. Incendia's staff can use the system to time track, collaborate with clients and independent contractors, delegate tasks, set milestones and manage project assets.

Incendia Media and all of our partners and clients benefit from this system by having a clear and simple way to keep track of the progress and messaging aspects of a project. No more lost emails, missed deadlines or lost files. Clients, staff and independent contractors can also subscribe to dashboard RSS feeds for the projects of which they are members and view the day's activities as they occur.