SEO and Traffic Building

Incendia Media is not an SEO for hire or SEM firm. However, we do manage all of our SEO, traffic acquisition, PPC, CPC and social media campaigns in-house. And our clients can benefit from our expertise in these areas by having our staff manage the initial search engine optimization strategies and traffic acquisition campaigns for newly launching or existing web properties.

With relatively small budgets Incendia's clients have acheived month after month growth of 40% per month. Even sites with no SEO or traffic acquisition budgets can dramatically benefit from the strong, built-in SEO optimization of Incendia's technology platform. Incendia's own sites are all highly SEO optimized. And since Incendia's web properties are highly customer focused and pyromarketing enabled, sites acheive high traction rate and repeat visitor counts dramatically increasing the ROI spent on traffic acquisition.

Some of the services Incendia Media provides:

  1. Highly search engine optimized platform for CMS / E-Commerce / Blogs and other content
    1. Clean, keyword optimized urls
    2. Automatic URL path generation
    3. Automatic RSS feed creation
    4. Clean, search engine (and user) friendly HTML markup out of the box.
    5. Meta tag generator
    6. Optimized page titling and headers
    7. Tagging, taxonomies and categories
    8. Blog module ping feature
    9. Service links for social bookmarking and viral marketing
    10. Keyword optimized image alt tags
    11. Sitemaps, Google Sitemaps
    12. Automatic generation of robots.txt
  2. Organic link building in your niche
    1. Access to our broad niche networks for possible high PR link-ins
    2. Quality organic link building with actual staff that correspond with high traffic, high PR sites in your niche to build the best possible links
    3. High quality competitor link-in analysis and acquisition of organic links
    4. Wikipedia link-ins where appropriate
  3. Commercial link building
    1. Paid link building through high quality, high traffic and high PR text link sellers
    2. High quality directory link-ins (pass through cost)
    3. Paid blog reviews
  4. Social Bookmarking (paid and organic)
    1. Organic, niche specific traffic from high quality links on top social bookmarking sites (DIGG, reddit, netscape,, etc)
  5. Social Networking
    1. Proven MySpace and Facebook traffic campaigns
  6. Effective cost per click (CPC) programs
    1. Managed, quality, targeted CPC traffic acquisition
  7. Other paid and organic SEO services
    1. Creation of optimized Press Releases
    2. Distribution in PR networks
  8. Offline marketing and advertising campaigns
    1. Incendia has access to numerous print magazine publications, street marketing teams and other high ROI offline marketing and advertising strategies that can have dramatic results for online properties.