Social Network Development

Incendia builds manages and deploys Incendia owned social networks as well as social networks for our clients. We have a robust, field tested platform with all of the social networking features users have come to expect, such as; buddy lists, customizable user profiles, ability for users to post blogs, pictures and video, guestbooks, forums, inter-user private messaging and more. And users can engage one another our sites via comments, twitter posts, social media tools and more.

Incendia helps you manage your social network, keep it growing every month and keep it focused on acheiving goals and ROI for your company.

Why Social Networking? Why Pyromarketing?

Increased Sales. Social networking creates a dramtic, long-term increase in online and offline sales. Overall sales have increased by as much as 15% on web businesses that have implemented social networking capabilities.

Increased Brand Awareness. Not every user is going to convert into a sale instantly. But social networking gives you the chance to extend the conversation with potential customers and imprint your brand into their conciousness long after the first time they've visited your site. Social networking takes your brand and messaging and converts it from an short term, transient interaction into a long term engaging conversation.

Passion! Incendia's Social Networking + Pyromarketing = Passion.

Pyromarketing and Social Networking empowers your customers and users to become evangelists for your products or ideas. No other company can deliver this passion like Incendia does. Every major Incendia site has all of the ingredients to:

  1. Help your find the customers most likely to buy your products
  2. Give those customers an experience with your product, service or idea
  3. Empower those customers and users to spread your idea or products
  4. Create a two-way, long-term engaging relationship with those users

Social Networking Helps Your Business