Streaming Audio and Video

Incendia Media is a rich media delvery company and every one of our sites features full video and audio streaming capabilities. is the Internet's #1 resource for health and fitness videos and Incendia delivers an unsurpassed amount of video views network wide. And the new Incendia Video Player helps bring together a huge library of multi-site health and fitness videos in one place! You can view the new player right here on our site. You'll be amazed when it loads a library of hundreds of videos in seconds!

Additionally, each video section on any Incendia site is highly seo optimized to gain as much targeted traffic as possible to each video. And each video widget is embeddable, contains voting features, sharing tools and comment capabilities.

And when a site grows dramatically, Incendia can interface with Content Delivery Networks' to deliver best in class streaming performance.

Some additional Video and Audio capabilities include:

  • Audio and Video Podcasts
  • Audio and Video syndication
  • Custom CMS Driven RIA Video Applications
  • Video Production

Check out a small sample of Incendia's partner videos right here on this page.

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