Latest Innovations

Widget Analytics

Google AnalyticsWhen you use widgets to drive a significant amount of traffic or affiliate revenues, you might want to know how those widgets are performing in the wild and be able to get specific metrics about WHAT is being clicked on, WHERE they're being embedded (e.g. MySpace, Facebook, specific MySpace profiles, blogger sites, etc) and WHERE your visitors are coming from.

Beauty Blackbook

Beauty BlackbookWhat do you do when you have a database of 6000 beauty and fashion related businesses? Create the world's first online, embeddable beauty blackbook with searchable listings, geographic map icons, and model, designer and celebrity profiles! All driven directly from data from the site using Incendia's Serivce API.

This widget application is embeddable anywhere including MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Drupal, MoveableType, just about anywhere! And it pulls data at warp speed from the Incendia Service API using optimized method calls that any developer can tie into.

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Pyromarketing Widget

Search TabThe #2 rule of any successful marketing program is to empower your customers to tell others about your products they like. Not only does Incendia empower customers to tell others about the products, we reward them for doing so. And we empower them using the most sophisticated widget technology on the planet, allowing the process of sharing and making money EASY and SIMPLE.

End users don't need to know any sophisticated coding, or go through the boring task of cutting and pasting affiliate urls... all they have to do is sign up via the e-commerce site, browse around and click to bookmark, and their widgets automatically auto-populate with their name and favorite products. They also get access (in the widget) to the latest products, a full in-widget product search engine as well as a syndicated video player! And each and every widget has all the necessary code for end users to re-embed it to help out their friends.

To view the widget of a user, click "Read More" below and view it right on this page.

Turbazza was a rapid-deployment, seven day project to prove the mettle of the Incendia Media platform and deployment abilities. We ended up with a very cool Real Estate Barter site with best in class technology and features. But what really sets apart was the service API and search widget we built from the ground up in that time frame. Not only did we build an amazing search widget, but we also created an entire back end API so any developer can tie in their own widgets or applications into our search service. But what makes our widget really amazing is that you can embed it anywhere on the web and still benefit from it's amazing search capabilities! But we didn't stop there... we added local area stats, a full pop up image gallery right on the map, we even added local weather! If you want to read more about the project, you can read a full story about it here on our site or you can check it out at

Or if you want to see what the Turbazza search widget looks like, click "Read More" to continue reading and see it below.

Incendia Video Player

Incendia Video PlayerThe issue solved here was twofold. Firstly, our users needed an easy way to share a huge library of informative video content anywhere on the Internet. Secondly, since many of our sites share a common niche (e.g. Health and Fitness) people wanted a way to be able to view videos from any site in one place. So we came up with the best video player solution on the Internet. The new Incendia Video player allows us to add or remove any video channels from any of our sites, sort the video via category, specialty, date added or keyword. All in an easy to use, easy to embed player that works ANYWHERE on the internet. The day following our launch of this video player, traffic on all the participant sites went up by 20% resulting in an increase in sales revenue and ad inventory. Our bandwidth bill also went up dramatically! But we don't mind! And remember, the amazing thing is that it works anywhere and users can embed it on their own blogs, MySpace Profiles or Facebook pages! Click"Read More" below to see the player in action.


MyFitTribe Fitness Tracker

MyFitTribe Fitness TrackerWhen the users of MyFitTribe spoke up, we listened. They needed a way to track their progress in different areas like weight loss, fitness levels, body measurements, etc. So Incendia built a powerful data driven fitness tracker so users can interactively track various statisics they requested. Since it integrates directly with their user profiles, users don't need to learn any new tools or extra logins.