Is Niche Social Networks the Next Big Thing?

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So is this true? Well it seems to be what the social media experts were saying at the Milken Global Conference last week in Los Angeles, CA. People like Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, author of "Internet Warrior" and the creator of and was leading a panel of experts at the event. Mike states "Facebook is broader, Twitter is a different platform, but niche social network are more powerful for a specific vertical market, certain niche or business, certain age group or specific geographic area. Thats what could be the real breakout and there is an opportunity waiting... I think niche is where is going to go".

Well ladies and gentlemen. The Incendia team has known of this revelation for the last three years, in fact. Its what was the grounds for starting the company. We ARE a niche social network development company and have been for three years now. In fact, we have either designed, developed and/or launched multiple niche social networks for Incendia and for clients.

Just to name a few verticals where we see potential growth from passionate, targeted audiences are health and fitness, yoga, cosmetics, geographic based news, fashion and even cause-related networks like parents of Autism and building homes in Africa for orphans. We developed the brands, the content, the web site designs and the technology to build strong passionate communities online.

But why do you ask did we focus on niche?

Its kinda simple if you think about it. Ask yourself "What do I really enjoy spending my time doing? What do I like to share and talk about with my peers, family or friends?

Is it admiring renaissance architecture? Or growing rich, lively vegetable gardens? Or even collecting rare coins from foreign countries. Whatever it is... it is something that YOU are passionate about and YOU want to share it with like-minded friends, colleagues, peers, etc. So, why not have a specific place online to share with everyone your passion, dreams, ideas and get support, praise, information and everything else relating to that topic all from people just like you. Kinda simple concept huh?

We think so too. So I guess you could say we too believe in niche social networks as the next phase in social media but we kinda knew this before social media was social.